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I would definitely say that Server101 is just about the best in every aspect of a full hosting facility starting with service, knowledge, and quality there is anywhere.

I have been with server101 for over a year now, and from my first experience from setting up a new site for my own personal use to my last a few days ago "baskets" setting up my e-commerce site, it's been nothing but pleasure and with such a smooth ride the whole way through, I can't ever see my self being with any other company.

I have had friends that went with other hosting services, and they "still" have problem after problem. Now I tell everyone I know about Server101, It's such a good feeling to know there are people out there that enjoy seeing you succeed at what your working on, also at the beginning of my relationship with Server101, as a new online customer, I could not figure a few things out, Not only did I get full support to walk me through my problem I was having, but a few days later I actually got a call, I couldn't believe someone from so far away from me actually did that.

Needles to say, my relationship with Server101, has been nothing but excellent! not to mention the cost :) if you'd like to see my three sites, they are




Julie Craig