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.::What are Websites ?
A Website is a collection of webpages typically arranged in an indexed fashion centered around a business, product or theme. Most companies have a single website address. Often companies will have multiple addresses for regional websites, eg.,, etc.

Normally when you go to a website you will automatically be presented with the 'Home Page'. This is the main index of the website. A website will usually have some kind of navigation system in the page. Just like the orange links to the left of this page. These links will guide you to different sections of the website.

Websites are joined together by what are called an 'Anchor' tag which will look similar to this <A HREF="pagetolinkto.html"<this. These links can be clicked on and you will be taken to the referring page. Anchor tags do not need to be linked from within the same website, they can be linked to other websites as well.

Websites are not just HTML pages. They can also contain a variety of other elements, eg. images, sounds, animations, forms etc. and when combined together, create an interactive user experience, like a virtual hands-on expo of your products and company.