DNS Signup FAQ

Thank you for taking the time to register your domain through Server101. Through tech support and customer feedback we have found that registering a domain and transferring it to your web host can be a complicated and frustrating experience, so we've whipped up this small FAQ to get you started and cover any concerns you may have. You can keep this window open through the registration process.

  Does it cost anything to check if my domain name is available ?
  No it does not cost anything to check domain name availability.

  I've completed the registration process, when can I start using my domain ?
  That depends on the type of domain you have registered. Typically between 24 - 48 hours. Canadian (.ca) domains will need to be approved by CIRA so will take longer after the domain has been successfully registered until you receive a confirmation email that your domain/s are approved. Server101 hosting customers will have their domain transferred to our nameservers upon approval then it will be up to you to map it to your hosting account. Non Server101 hosting customers will have to transfer their domain manually after it has been approved.

  How do I transfer my newly registered domain to my web host or machine ?
  You will be able to transfer your domain and more by going to Domain Management Area.

  Will I receive a discount for registering my domain for more than 2 years ?
  Domains offered through Server101 are already heavily discounted by up to 50%.

  Can domains be refunded ?
  Unfortunately not. Once a domain is registered they can not be refunded.

  When I enter my details in the "Domain Profile" page do I enter the same details as my Server101 hosting account ?
  Please note that your domain profile and your Server101 hosting account are not the same thing. Although it is possible to use the same username and password we advise against it for security reasons.

  How much does is cost to renew my domain through Server101 ?
   Domains can be renewed at the same price as registering a new domain through Server101.

  How do I check the status of my domain transfer.
  You can check the transfer of your domain by clicking here & entering your domain in the 'check domain field'.

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