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Server101 gives you the chance to enter your web development business into the database on our site. Customers are given access to a Search Engine when they sign up from within their members control panel, the communities listing and through our home page. When the search is performed, listings link to a Business Card which contains all your relevent contact information, your specialities, a brief description, and a logo(100x100) which you can upload. Your logo can be in .gif, .jpg formats or you can upload a small shockwave-flash logo if you wish. The file size must be smaller than 150K.

At any time you can log back in and edit your card, through the edit interface here, by using the email address you specified, and the password you assigned.

As added incentive, Server101 resellers and affiliates are given 'weighting' when a search is performed. Whether you are a web developer or are just looking for a way to recoup your hosting costs, we have implemented both a reseller and affiliate program depending on your desired level of involvement. Reselling our attractive web hosting plans allows your company to focus on adding value. There are no registration fees to participate in our reseller programs. For more information click here.
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Disclaimer: Because this is a free service provided by Server101 to all web developers, Server101 can not be held responsible for misuse of this service. Listings which are found to be unsuitable will be removed. Although care has been taken to prevent automatic email address harvesting, you post an email address here at your own risk.