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.::Customer Care
Customer Care is an important factor on the internet. The sales approach on the internet is fairly different to conventional brick and mortar stores. The sales person is virtually absent, its not possible to read the back of the packaging and so forth. Be meticulous about the information you provide about the product. Size, weight, capacity etc. Offer variations of the same product they are looking at. The difference between a sale and a bruised ego may be the lack of mentioning on the website that the product also comes in red.

.::Customer Inquiries
If a customer sends you a sales inquiry alway remember to be prompt, polite and offer them more than what they asked for. If their inquiry does not match up to what they need they might take up an alternative but don't force it down their throat.

.::Follow Up
Don't leave it at that after the product has been sold.Don't watch them walk into the sunset. Most of your customers will be repeat customers having already done business with you and they will feel more comfortable in spending more money with you. So if they say 'yes' keep them updated with promotional material. Follow them up to see if the product is up to scratch and if not offer solutions, offer alternatives to make them happy. Human touches go a long way with the benefit of loyal return customers.

.::The Human Touch
More so the lack of. Treat you customers the same way you would as if you were face to face. Considering the Internet is a fairly new medium, people are fairly weary of putting their credit card information over the web. The slightest thing could put off a possible customer so be courteous, honest and polite.