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.::User Experience
If a customer has a bad experience with your website eg. broken script, missing images, etc., they may never return again. This could be detrimental to your sites reputation and future marketshare if the problem goes unnoticed. Periodically you should do regular checks over your website to make sure everything is working fine.

.::Browser Compatibility
Your website may be operating fine to you but how do your customers see it ? Browser incompatibilities can often cause a website to break, look wrong or not display at all so its important to pay attention to all new web browsers on the market and make adjustments accordingly.

.::Request Feedback
Do regular surveys and reward your customers for their time and effort. You may find out that an essential element of your website is missing and impacting on sales, that you were not aware of. Customer feedback also has the potential to produce service and operational improvements and efficiencies. By taking action in response to customer suggestions, you will generate loyalty and maintain their satisfaction levels.

.::Don't go Stale
To ensure repeat customer interest in your site change your home page from time to time to generate a fresh look about your website. Include articles, rotate specials or rearrange the placement but don't change your site around too much too often or else people may not know that they have been there before.