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.::Hosting your Site
You will need to put your website onto a server so that your website is available 24/7. Server101 offers a variety of hosting accounts tailored to everyone's needs and budget. You'll have to decide if you'd like to sell products online. If you do, we recommend the Premium account otherwise the Basic account will be enough to start off. Accounts can be upgraded at any time if you require the additional features.

.::How to Create a Hosting Account
To create an account simply go to the Create Account Section of the Server101 Website. Select the account you would like by clicking on the Create Account button. You will be asked to enter your details such as contact information & account terms. The longer the account term the lower the price per month. Once you agree enter your details and agree to the Server101's Terms of Service you can then click 'I Agree' and continue on to the next form. You are now asked to enter your payment details and verify the registration. If you are happy with the details press Send.

Your hosting account will be created and activated stright away. This account will become the pad for developing your website and its future home. Within a few minutes, you will receive an email with a password and instructions for setting up your account.