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.::Top Ten Reasons
So why put your business online ? There is a mountain of reasons for putting your business online. Here are some.

.::To Establish A Web Presence
Some kind of web presence is essential these days. Almost 44% of people using the internet in 1999 had purchased at least one product over the Internet.

.::To Sell your product or service
Reach a global market with the Internet. With the WWW you are now able to display your products or services to a wider and bigger audience, hence more sales.

.::Provide customer support
Cost effective customer support can be provided for your products or services via email. Email support reduces the overhead of providing Long Distance/STD phone calls to your clients. In 1998, Cisco Systems made over 70% of its worldwide sales over the internet therefore eliminating over half a million phone calls and saving more than $40 million a month.

.::Interest your customers
Even if you don't have the facility to sell your products it is still a good form of exposure to showcase your products or services on the WWW. This form of advertising can be just as effective as a brochure or ad as long as your potential customers know you are there.

.::Cost effective Business Solution
Overheads are dramatically lower when running an ecommerce enabled business. Fewer storefronts,leases or rates to pay.

.::Convenience for Customers
Why make customers come to your store and carry their purchase home when it can all be done over the Internet? Customers can shop at their convenience and are not limited to business trading hours. This is especially important for business customers who purchase consumables on a regular basis and don't have the time to shop from store to store.

.::Eliminate Write-Offs
No need to worry about demonstration models of your products being damaged or products being stolen. Theft & write-offs are virtually eliminated on the Internet. You can find out if a credit card is illegitimate before you send the product to the customer.

.::Open 24/7
The internet never stops trading. More trading hours means more sales opportunities.

.::Everyone is Equal
Whether you a large retail chain or a small business nobody will ever know any better. You can now trade competitively against the big companies and claim part of their market share for your own.

.::Eliminate the Middleperson
Lower prices means more revenue. Need we say more?