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eCommerce Overview

The Merchant Services is a user friendly set of web based tools designed to get you trading on the internet in no time at all. Through the web based interface you can manage your products, process orders, customize your sites' appearance and much more.

Make it YOUR store
The main theme of our e-commerce system is customization. You are able to integrate your own web sites "look and feel" throughout the purchasing process, so that you can achieve a consistent atmosphere and image through your store.

Ease of Use
Our product management allows you to easily and quickly create new products, maintain existing products and dictate how the products are displayed. Products are able to have options (such as color, size etc) and have additional charges such as shipping and tax applied also.

The necessary product code is generated for you, which allows you to quickly add merchant facilities to an existing website - no programming experience required!

You can even trial this innovative program on our free trial account, so you can see what we offer at no charge.

I have my own Shopping Cart
No Problem. You can use your own PHP/Perl based shopping cart with your Server101 account. We offer CGI/Perl access on all accounts and MySQL on the Premium account and up. However you may need some knowledge of programming to configure it with our servers. If you have already configured it on another server then you should not have any issues getting your cart running on our machines. If you have any queries about using your cart, send an email to support@server101.com and we'll help you out.