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Please take a look through these FAQs before sending an email to support. Roughly 90% of problems can be rectified without help from technical support. However if your answer can't be found here send an email to support@server101.com

Frequently Asked FAQs
Getting Started Guide
Understanding your Statistics
Mail FAQ
Pre-Sales FAQ
How to use my domain
Merchant Services FAQ
SendStudio User Guide

Web Building
Merchant FAQ
Password Protecting your website
PHP / CGI settings & instructions
Install a counter in your page
How to create a web page
Inserting HTML snippets
.htaccess Instructions
Ways to promote your website
Listing your site in Google
osCommerce Install
Affiliate FAQ
Private Label Program FAQ
Common Internet Terms

Mail Instructions
Spam / Antivirus Mail FAQ
WebMail FAQ
How to setup Netscape 4.7
How to setup Outlook
How to setup Outlook 2003
How to setup Outlook Express
How to use Formmail on your site

Domain Legals
gTLD terms of service
.au elegibilty criteria
.us terms of service
.uk terms of service
.ca terms of service
.tv terms of service
.biz terms of service
.info terms of service
.cc terms of service
The ICANN dispute policy
Nominet terms of service
IP Claim Service

DNS Instructions
Domain Name Guide
Domain Fraud
Domain Locking Update
Domain Signup FAQ
Domain Pricing
DNS status explanations
Sub Domain/Hostname FAQ

FTP Instructions
FTP settings for Server101
How to setup Leech FTP
How to setup BulletProof FTP
How to setup CuteFTP
How to setup WS FTP
How to setup WS FTP PRO
How to setup Dreamweaver
How to setup Dreamweaver MX
How to setup CuteFTP Pro
How to use File Explorer FTP
How to setup Netscape Composer
How to setup Netscape Gold
How to setup UltraEdit
How to setup Fetch (Mac)
How to setup MS Publisher 98
How to setup Claris Homepage
How to setup AOL's FTP client
How to setup MS FrontPage

Server101 Terms of Use
Contact us
Affiliate Agreement
Reseller Agreement
30day Money Back Guarantee
Privacy Policy
About Server101
Pre-Sales FAQ