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About Server101

My name is Martial Herbaut, CEO of Server101.com, and I would like to introduce our web hosting and ecommerce services on behalf of the Server101 team. I hope that after reading this page you will be a bit more familiar with our service.

We started Server101 in 1998 with the idea of providing a Web and Domain Hosting Service that had something more to offer. I am proud to say that since this time, Server101 has achieved an excellent reputation for affordable and quality web hosting solutions with outstanding customer service. This is reflected by the many customer testimonials shown on our website.

Of course, this reputation was not built overnight. The main factors which set us apart from our competitors are:

    Customer Service
    If I was asked what makes Server101 a successful hosting company, I would say it is our dedicated focus to providing the best possible service we can. Consequently, the Server101 team has been able to develop not only deep technical expertise in all aspects of the web hosting industry, but also great tools and documentation to make your web experience a pleasant and successful venture.

    State-of-the-art operation
    The biggest decision you will make when you put your business online is which Web Hosting Company to trust with your web site. The performance, availability and success of your web site largely depends on your provider's expertise, network infrastructure and service level. It is one thing to run a web hosting service for a handful of customers and quite another to run one reliably for thousands of customers.

    Our servers are strategically located on a major Internet backbone in the heart of Silicon Valley. This makes for a centrally located, very fast and reliable operation. Our servers are located a few milliseconds away from Yahoo for example so your visitors can expect the same reliable performance from your Server101 hosted web site.

    Server101's secret for optimal web hosting reliability and performance is attributed to our extensive experience in fine tuning and monitoring our own custom built servers. Reliability is further enhanced with battery backup and emergency generator power, a climate controlled environment, load balanced servers, standby backup servers, and 24 hour 365 day monitoring of services.

    Friendly Team
    Last but not least, Server101 would not shine without its hardworking team. The dedication and experience of everyone that works at Server101 are the main reasons our services run so smoothly and our customer satisfaction rate is so high. I am very fortunate to work with such a great bunch and I can't wait for you to meet them. :)

I hope this background into Server101 provides you with sufficient information to help you select it as your Web hosting service. I encourage you to explore the site and experience the features and high level of service on offer.

Best Regards

Martial Herbaut

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... Your hosting service is so good I rarely if ever have to think about it! It seems these days we are so quick to criticize incompetence but fail to recognize excellence. From the initial setup to the first sale, the whole process went smooth...

Best Regards, John Bronner