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Customer Feedback

The Proof is in the Pudding!

Here's some of the feedback our clients have sent to us. We take the utmost pride in the praise of our valued customers.

… Minutes after signing up I was ready to use my accounts and 100% problem free. Questions and concerns are answered in a professional albeit friendly manner … » read more …


… I've used Server101 for over a year, and I'm VERY happy with the quality of their services and the level of support that they provide. Instead of a huge web hosting company with terrible customer service, Server101 is a refreshing, well-run operation that is both reliable and friendly! … » read more …

Andrew Wilder http://www.andrewwilder.com

… Now we have three web sites and we are using Server101 for all of these. What else to say? I think these numbers talk. Very good, inexpensive and reliable service … » read more …

Dr. V. Daragan President STTA Consulting Inc. http://www.stta-consulting.com

… The set-up is so easy that I host two sites with Server101. Especially the tutorials, they helped me get an understanding of what I was doing, and I started with no previous experience. … » read more …


… I e-mailed questions to Server101 and was sold on them from the start. Their response time was great. I spent about 2 months looking around to make sure this is who we would go with. Other hosts were too expensive … » read more …

Ron Tilman http://www.stablet.com

… In today's world of higher cost for less service, It is reassuring to find a company willing to provide excellent service for a more than reasonable low price … » read more …

Steve Barno http://www.radcliff.org

… very happy with the technical support of Server101. Everytime I contact technical support, I get an answer within an hour or half a day the most. Technical support were able to help me with all the problems I had … » read more …

Yolanda Gacho Must International http://www.mustinternational.com.au

… currently enjoying one of your basic host packages as "twilightrealms" where I am currently displaying the Twilight Realms Art Gallery and have been so happy with my experience so far that I wanted to add a complementary link back to Server101 … » read more …

Thank You, Manuel Revilla Twilight Realms

… I just wanted to drop you folks a note to say how much I like your service! I've used several other hosting services, including Competitor (their premium service, which I paid for, was sooo slow and buggy), Competitor, Competitor, etc., and I am WAY more impressed with Server101 … » read more …


… You provide excellent and timely technical support, and your Web site is well designed and informative. A novice can easily use your service. Even if you charged twice what you do, hosting with you would be well worth it … » read more …

Brenda Gaines Hunter