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When we decided to put up a web site for our small business, I started looking around for hosts. I was new at this and everyone I talked to only confused me. I called local companies. I searched the net. I got frustrated.

Then I saw a web site that mentioned they used Server101, so I checked out their site. I e-mailed questions to Server101 and was sold on them from the start. Their response time was great. I spent about 2 months looking around to make sure this is who we would go with. Other hosts were too expensive, didn't offer as much, and most of them still haven't e-mailed back to answer my questions from last year.

Service was the most important thing to me as a beginner and Server101 still impresses me today. When I need help, I know it's minutes away. I would tell everyone the same thing, you should sign up with Server101. Don't waste 2 months trying to figure out who to go with, because you'll be back to Server101.

Ron Tilman