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Customer Feedback

The Proof is in the Pudding!

Here's some of the feedback our clients have sent to us. We take the utmost pride in the praise of our valued customers.

… Since then I already added 5 other of my customers to server101, and looking to upgrade to merchant feature soon. I would strongly recommend SERVER101 … » read more …

Bobby Chan (Anan T.) http://www.rs101.com

… I would rate Server101 as superior and highly recommend its use particularly with people who are just starting a web page … » read more …

… I am a new customer and I wanted to compliment you on the excellent account interface for members. I am especially impressed by the MySql interface. It is very easy to use, yet very powerful. … » read more …

Eric Vaterlaus

… The first great thing about Server 101 is that it was immediately understandable, comprehensible and accessible. I was sooo happy to find them - they made putting up my first pages very easy, and gave me confidence. … » read more …

Ann Allen http://www.friends-red-house.co.uk/

… I have been using Server101 hosting for 2 years and am impressed by their no-nonsense approach, technical competence and prompt and economical service - a real delight in today's marketplace. … » read more …


… I am not very eloquent with words but I have have appreciated your ease of use. Your site is very well documented and the little extras, like the automated Frontpage scripts, are a blessing. … » read more …

Richard Trotter http://www.lookupp.com
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