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When I started my first Web site (http://www.friends-red-house.co.uk/) I was so inexperienced that it took me ages just to understand what most ISP's were saying - it was just like learning another language! I did look around quite a bit until I found Server 101. The first great thing about Server 101 is that it was immediately understandable, comprehensible and accessible. I was sooo happy to find them - they made putting up my first pages very easy, and gave me confidence.

Since then I have used Server 101 for all my web hosting so I can't really compare them with others - but what I would want to tell you is that the Server 101 Team are wonderful. I have emailed and had replies to quite a number of issues. The responses are prompt, appropriate, intelligible and I never get the feeling that I am being patronised or fobbed off - even when it might be the 4th or 5th exchange about the same issue. They also offer a really reliable service - I can't think of once when I wanted to access them and the server was not available.

I also like that they do not bombard their clients with unnecessary mail as some other providers do - but at the same time manage to create a sense of community which has a very personal feel to it. What can I say, I just really like dealing with Server 101, I recommend it to all my friends and I'd recommend it to you too.

Ann Allen

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