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Affordable Hosting

Many web hosting providers put the cost of hosting out of reach for small business owners. With webhosting plans for as little as US$9.95/month, Server101 is leveling the playing field.


Immediate Account Activation

Others may take up to a week to setup your account. Your Server101 account is activated immediately. Launch your Web site straight away!


Maximum Reliability

Our servers are strategically located at the Intersection of the major Internet backbones in San Jose California. The network has multiple fiber optic gigabit connections, and is directly peered with major networks. We have maximum reliability with battery backup and emergency generator power, a climate controlled environment, with 24 hour 365 day monitoring of network connections.


Domain Hosting

You can either use the subdomain we give you when you join - eg. membername.server101.com or you can have your own domain names hosted - eg. www.yourdomain.com (This does not include your own domain registration from the Domain Name Service Authority in your country. For example, from Internic at US$35 per year).


Excellent Online Technical Support

Timely and reliable Technical Support is also provided FREE of charge via Email.


E-mail Addresses

Your Server101 account will allow you to setup multiple email addresses, aliases & POP3 accounts.


Integrated Ecommerce

The Merchant Services is a user friendly set of web based tools designed to get you trading on the internet in no time at all. Through the web based interface you can manage your products, process orders, customize your sites appearance and much more.


mySQL Access

Maintain & Control your mySQL database from your Web Browser within the security of the Member Services. There is no need to learn special query languages to intergrate dynamic content into your website.


2 Week Free Trial

If you would like to try our services before you buy we are happy to provide you with a free trial account for 2 weeks.


Happy Customers

Our number one referral source is our existing customers! See what our clients have to say about us. Click Here.

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