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How to Setup BulletProof FTP

With Bullet Proof FTP, interrupted file transfers are easy to resume. Should you encounter a disconnection when downloading files, Bullet Proof FTP will automatically reconnect and resume downloading. Features include automatic disconnection after downloading files, a queue that supports drag and drop, and a tray icon that displays the progress of file transfers. This program can also outsmart FTP servers that limit the number of files you can download in a session by automatically disconnecting and reconnecting until all of your desired downloads are complete. Click here to Download.

1. Open BulletProof FTP and select 'Main' from the drop down menu and select 'New Session'.

2. Enter a name in the 'Site Name' field and set your 'Site Address' to 'UserID.server101.com'. Enter your Hosting User ID in the 'Login' field and click 'Close'.

3. In the 'Options' menu click on 'General Options'. Select the 'Firewall' tab at the top of the dialog box and tick 'Use passive mode' if it is unchecked and click 'Ok'.