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DNS Explanations

Any changes you make to your domain through the Server101 member services are effective to Server101 immediately, however it may take some time before the changes are fully propagated and for the domain to become fully visible to all machines on the internet.

Please NOTE: Once you have entered delegation information into the registration authority's records it may take some time before the domain is fully propagated and visible to Server101's name servers, and the rest of the internet. This is a restriction imposed by the DNS system (see rfc1034, and rfc1035) As soon as this change reaches us your domain will automatically begin service. If this change does not appear within 3 days, please contact support@server101.com

Unknown: - A recently added domain will show an unknown status, as our dns records are updated every hour. Your domains status will be updated within one hour of when it was added to Server101's system.

Conflict: - This means that the domain does not seem to be delegated to Server101's name servers. Please check that you have specified the correct domain, and that the registration authority shows it being delegated to Server101's Name servers. You can check delegation here(Network Solutions).

Undelegated - This means the domain is currently not delegated by the registration authority. Server101 will provide temporary name service to allow you to complete the registration process.

Ok - thumbs up :) The domain is properly transferred and mapped. Your mail, http, etc is working properly. However, you may still experience the effects of a propagation delay as mentioned above.