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How to Setup Fetch FTP

This tutorial will guide you step by step through configuring Fetch FTP for the Mac to exchange files between your computer and your Server101 web site.
For this exercise, you'll need to be online and you should have Fetch FTP for the Mac ready to go.

1/ Open Fetch
After double clicking on the Fetch icon, select "Customize" then Preferences. In the dialog box click on the "Firewall" tab and tick the "Use passive mode transfers" checkbox. Click "Ok".

New Connection Screen

Then select "New Connection" from the "File" pull-down menu. A window will appear which will look similar to this:

New Connection Screen

(a) You'll need to enter the following settings in the "New Connection" window:

  • Host: ftp.server101.com
  • User ID: Insert your Server101 Membername here.
  • Password: Insert your Server101 password here.

Do NOT enter any other information beyond this point. There is no need to enter a directory name; the above settings will automatically place you in your base directory.

Click OK to connect.

2/ Publish your File
Once you connect you will see the main directory window which should look like this:

Fetch Directory Window Screen

Set "Automatic" for HTML and graphics files.

To download, simply double-click on the desired file.

To upload files using Fetch, click on the "Put File..." button. You will be prompted to select the file you wish to send. You will then be asked to provide a name to give the file on the server and also to pick a file format from a pop-up menu. To use the defaults, just click "OK", or select "ASCII" for HTML files and "Binary" for graphics files. You may also select "automatic."

3/ Viewing your web page
To view the page you just uploaded, use the following URL in your web browser:
http://membername.server101.com/filename (available about an hour after joining)
or http://www.server101.com/~membername/
  • Substitute MemberName with your Server101 MemberName
  • Substitute filename with the name that you gave your file.
    (If you named your file index.html, then you only need to enter the URL as follows: http://membername.server101.com/
    or http://www.server101.com/~membername/ )

Tips & Suggestions

1/ Directly below the local and remote windows, you'll notice three buttons labeled ASCII, Binary, and Auto. For best results:

  • Image files such as gif or jpeg should be uploaded in Binary mode.
  • We recommend all html files be uploaded in ASCII mode.
  • To avoid problems with selecting the correct file type, you may wish to leave the "Auto" box checked at all times.
2/ HTML Filenames are case sensitive.
  • We recommend you upload your files in lowercase only.
  • When you write your html files, be sure and refer to any image or other html files in lowercase also. Your HTML and actual filenames must match exactly, in order for your page to display correctly.
3/ MemberNames and Passwords are case sensitive
  • Remember that your User ID and Password are case sensitive and you must enter them exactly as shown on your Welcome email. For eg. if your membername is "joe", entering JOE will not work. This also applies to your password, and the names of any files you upload. All are case sensitive.

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