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MySQL - PHP Questions

How can I learn more about using MySQL with PHP ?
There are numerous resources available on the Internet. We have found a couple of good tutorials:
  • WebMonkey has a good tutorial on how to use the power of PHP with the MySQL database. It includes code samples and step by step instructions. Your can read this article here.

    NOTE : To connect to your own database, the mysql_connect function should look similar to this,
    $db = mysql_connect(" server101.com","db_user_name","db_password");
    The database you connect to is the database name you have created through the Members area.
    e.g. mysql_select_db("db_name",$db);

    Having problems running your script? Check our Script FAQ.

  • MySQL and SitePoint provide an in-depth look at using PHP and MySQL as a powerful combination to provide dynamic content in your web-site. Installation instructions are also included if you wanted to install MySQL and PHP on your own testing machine. Windows users do not have to buy the latest version of MySQL, older versions are available for free and are more then sufficient.

  • MySQL uses the SQL(Structured Query Language) format to manage a database. If your SQL skills are a bit rusty, the following tutorial should help. Learn more about SQL.

  • Good PHP resources are availabe at http://www.php.net and http://www.phpbuilder.com. The PHP.net language reference manual is available here.

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