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How to Setup Netscape Composer

This tutorial will guide you through configuring Netscape Composer so that you can move files between your computer and your Server101 web site. You'll need to be online and have Netscape Composer ready to go.

Making a Web Page
So that you can put a HTML page on your (Server101) web site using Composer, you need to make (create) a page. To make a page with Composer, follow these steps:

  • Open Composer, select "File", "New", "Blank Page"
  • Type in " This is a test "
  • Select "File", "Save As", and name the html file on your (local) hard disk drive
    (If the file is going to be your homepage, call it index.html)
  • When you have saved the file to your (local) hard drive, you are ready to publish the file
Publishing the Page
Select "File", then "Publish". The "Publish Files" dialogue box will open, and look similar to this:

a/ Enter these settings in the Publishing Location part of the window:

    Upload Files to this Location: ftp://ftp.Server101.com/
    Username: Insert your Server101 MemberName here
    Password: Insert your Server101 password here

b/ If you like, you can save your password so that you don't have to enter it every time you log in. If you would like to enable this feature, check the box marked "Save Password".

c/ Put the Page Title at the top of the window, and the Filename.

When you have finished entering these settings, click "OK", and you will connect to Server101. The Security Information box may open, if it does, just click "continue", and your file will upload.

(i) HTML Filenames are case sensitive.

  • We suggest you upload your files in lowercase only
  • When you write your html files, be sure to refer to any image or other html files in lowercase also

(ii) MemberNames and Passwords are case sensitive

  • If you signed up with Server101, and chose a log-in name of Joe (with a capital J), typing joe (with a lowercase j) into the MemberName when you publish would not work. The same is true for passwords.
Other Features
In the lower half of the "Publish Files" dialogue box above, you'll see a section titled "Other files to include".

  • Click on the radio button marked "Files associated with this page", if your page includes images or other files, such as midi or wav files.
  • The radio button marked "All files in pages folder" is a handy feature. If you have more than one html file (web page) you can keep them all in one folder on your (local) hard drive, and check this button to configure Composer to upload all the pages at once.
Viewing Your Web Page
To see the page you just uploaded, use the following URL in your web browser:
http://membername.server101.com/filename (available about an hour after joining)
or http://www.server101.com/~membername/
  • Substitute MemberName with your Server101 MemberName
  • Substitute filename with the name that you gave your file.
    (If you named your file index.html, then you only need to enter the URL as follows: http://membername.server101.com/
    or http://www.server101.com/~membername/ )

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