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I have been using Server101 for over 3 years now and cannot recommend them highly enough.

We operate a small video and media business in Cairns, Australia. ( I know....... its in paradise, but someone has to do the work! ) We produce what I like to call "clean" web sites - ones that are simple and clean to view - uncluttered. Frontpage is my program of choice for producing Web Pages and the components that are needed are readily available on Server101.

I was using another site service provider, but found that the service was not what I would have liked. A friend told me about Server101 and so I took a look. From day one, I have not been sorry that I did.

On the occasions where I do have a problem - usually one created my own ineptitude - the staff at Server101 - and in particular Martial - have been most patient and helpful. Nothing appears to be too much trouble for them when dealing with members. I have not yet found a problem that has not be solved by them in the shortest time possible, even if it is not really their problem!

I have since become involved in a small way, with reselling my web pages, and have taken advantage of the reseller program offered by Server101. Once again - professional service with a smile!

Their rates for service, I do believe, are most reasonable (and I am most wary of costs). I also am one who believes in the old adage...you get what you pay for.... Server101 does deliver. When I needed some help in re-arranging my domain names and registration, the guys at Server101 came to my assistance. When I wanted some advice about possibly setting up on-line payments for one of my sites, they offer this service too and the advice was invaluable.

Server101 is a great operation with a great team. I take my hat off to them and repeat what I said... I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Ron Donnelly
Double Up Video
Cairns Australia