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Customer Feedback

The Proof is in the Pudding!

Here's some of the feedback our clients have sent to us. We take the utmost pride in the praise of our valued customers.

… Many emails were exchanged between Server101 and myself before I made the decision to go with Server101. A decision I have never regretted. Any company can host web pages; not every company provides excellence in customer service. Server101 provides excellence in customer service … » read more …

Allan Mann Lincrist (BAS) Bookkeeping & Accounting Services

… I made the change to Server101.com and I cannot believe the difference. The fees are less than half, and they provide more disk space and other facilities. Support has been excellent, and the transition was simple … » read more …

Jason Tranter Managing Director Mobius Software P/L

… It's one thing to get quality service and product, it is quite another to get it at a low price. I can recommend Server101 without reservation … » read more …

Billy Campbell http://www.terzon.com

… I'm very pleased with your service and Server101's facilities/tools, specially your fast and knowledgeable responses to many of my e-mails. You take the time and go the extra mile … » read more …

Jerry B. Kosan JBK Cinequipt www.jbkcinequipt.com

… We had chosen Server101 to be our host mainly due to its reasonable price to host our new internet business. It has already been two years. We have been very lucky to find a first-class service in all respects … » read more …

Jenny Gunay Majikcarpets

… I have been with Server101 for several years and found their support to be timely and responsive. There are no hidden costs associated with many and have been up front in all their dealings … » read more …

Jerry Anderson Anderson Graphic Division www.andersongraphic.com

… I have had friends that went with other hosting services, and they "still" have problem after problem. Now I tell everyone I know about Server101 … » read more …

Julie Craig

… You have earned a loyal lifetime customer and also get free promotion from me to everyone I know. Keep up the good work Server101! … » read more …


… Customer Service is of the utmost importance to one who is setting up a new business online. When I first set up my online business, Server101 Customer Service always gave immediate attention to my questions … » read more …

Linda Raas http://www.Kidcharacter.com

… I have been very impressed with Server101. They deliver first-rate service, both in terms of functionality and customer support … » read more …

Eric Kavanagh http://www.mobiusmedia.com