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Customer Feedback

I would like to express my deepest appreciation for your assistance in making the recent implementation of our mutual clients online store. Convincing them to change from their old hosting service was made so much easier when shown the "in-built features and benefits" of changing to Server101. Whilst storage space may have been slightly larger at their old site, the fact is when when we evaluated their needs, their actual requirements were more than exceeded by Server101 with room to grow appropriately.

What convinced me to sell them though was you online store software ! Their old hosting service only provided a store using a public domain PHP script which was bland, difficult to use and required extensive modification before it would be useable. My client's needs were simple, show a product, give some details and allow people to buy ! The sample "item layout" was comprehensive and easy to use, but more importantly easy to enhance to suit my client's unique products because it uses simple HTML for it's layout. And the same method is used for "full page details of items", search screens and checkout screens. This made my job one heck of a lot easier to do, cut down implementation time substantially and was rewarded by the client's comments as follows:

"First let me say that last night I had my first good look at it all and am really happy. I have and will be able to use these images for mail outs etc. Also, once attached, it will be an excellent source of information. How much does a box weigh? I won't have to run downstairs "

In a nutshell it actually means the client is also going to use the online store even in his daily work because of it's simple yet informative style including on sending information to potential customers.

During the implementation I had reason to contact your staff relative to some suggestions regarding the online store implementation and was delighted when both suggestions were taken into consideration as worthwhile and within extremely short time had been put into a working solution. These related to a "non-technical web person" accessing orders and restricting their access ONLY to the order processing screen and the ability to do a "printer copy of the order". For this I can only give my highest congratulations to Steve Wren for his work and patience.

I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with Server101 who have delivered on their promises thus far and either met or exceeded the requirements for a top class web hosting service.

Ray Windlow
Managing Director
Decair Pty Ltd