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Customer Feedback

The Proof is in the Pudding!

Here's some of the feedback our clients have sent to us. We take the utmost pride in the praise of our valued customers.

… when I email for technical or administrative support, I receive prompt courteous replies. And best of all, Server101.com is very affordable! … » read more …

Leon Portelance

… Server101 is a superior web hosting server. It has an easy set up, rarely has any down time and is not costly. Their Customer Service is outstanding … » read more …

Lolly Canton Chow Chows http://cantonchows.com

… The customer service was personal too, so when I had to send another E-mail about the problem because of my ISP, I didn't have to explain the entire issue over again. I was able to solve the problem with my ISP and resolve the issue all at once. I was very impressed! … » read more …

Alice M. http://www.fourseasonschurch.org

… I can't say I've ever noticed anytime when my pages have been unavailable due to downtime at the Server101 end and that can only be good … » read more …

Melissa Harris Marillion Designs http://marilliondesigns.com

… Server101 was the first company I launched my sites with. The People and support are A+ … » read more …

Eduardo Santos CEO PuertoRicans.Com , Inc http://www.PuertoRicans.com

… I've heard so many nightmare stories about it taking months to set up with other companies, but with Server101 - I was up and running in less than 15 minutes … » read more …

Michael Hall http://www.mammoth-technology.com Director/Web site-developer

… When I opened my first account I was concerned that their low price meant poor tech support (as at my last hosting service). I was very pleasantly surprised by the top QUALITY as well as promptness … » read more …


… I have found that Server101 serves up my pages significantly quicker than some other servers I tried in the past. I feel like I get a lot of read more …

Bryan Edmondson

… I use Server101 to host all my client sites. I can do everything on-line - saving me time and helping me to improve my services … » read more …

Paul Mlynarz http://www.eastgippsland.com

… I could not be happier with the service I have had with Server101. I had no idea what I was doing when I first started and the e-mail service was great … » read more …

Paul http://www.bestqualityphotos.com