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I have been using Server101 to host my domain and web site for almost 2 years. Having come from a host that was a nightmare to get working and then unreliable afterwards, Server101 far exceeded my expectations.

Getting my web source uploaded was a snap. My domain mapping was done in a couple of days, compared to weeks with my previous host. When I had a little trouble getting some cgi to run, my email to tech support was answered within hours. Not only that, but the tech actually knew his system and stuck with me until everything was working.

During the time I've used Server101, I remember only one significant outage. A server hard drive failed. They had everything restored from backup within a few hours. As a computer professional, I know that to be able to do that takes planning, skill and dedication.

It's one thing to get quality service and product, it is quite another to get it at a low price. I can recommend Server101 without reservation.

Billy Campbell