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The first time I got my monthly bill I didn't realize my payments would be going through an exchange rate conversion and therefore my bill was a few cents over the $10 I had expected. I immediately sent an email to support and received a quick response giving me credit on the following bill. Since then I see that my bills have consistently been a few cents below the $10/month fee and I can't tell you how appreciated I felt to find a company who cares more about my satisfaction than haggling over a few cents!

Then, recently I forgot that my credit card expired and that my email address had changed since starting with Server101. When my service stopped, I sent an email and received an immediate response explaining what the problem was. I fixed my billing and contact information and service was re-established immediately. What I found extraordinary was that I was given 30 days of free service as a grace period. When Server101 charged my account, they just billed me for the current month, essentially giving me a free month. This kind of corporate culture and character stands heads and shoulders above anything I have experienced in the United States.

You have earned a loyal lifetime customer and also get free promotion from me to everyone I know. Keep up the good work Server101!