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I am so impressed with Server101. Although we're based in Australia, we always knew it would be best to have our site hosted in the States. We've tried the webspace our ISP gives us, after suffering the pains of slow access for a couple of months, we thought we'd try "free" web space like Tripod and Geocities. Don't waste your time!

Your ISP is trying to do so many things for their customers so web hosting becomes a "freebie" that's thrown in the package deal. But it's such a lousy hosting service that most of them offer. And the "free" sites are only interested in how much advertising they can cram into your pages.

Professional web hosting is the ONLY way to go. These guys at Server101 truly know their stuff. I saw an ad for their service in an Australian PC magazine during 2000 and thought the price sounded quite reasonable. I visited their site and it was straight to the point. It was the type of service I was after.

Paid by credit card and was given access immediately. Associated my domain name, uploaded my website and tested it. I have never seen my site running so fast! A couple of tweaks of the HTML and the page hit counter was up and away. A friendly e-mail to the support team at Server101 had the counter quickly adjusted to account for the hits I had at the old hosting service.

My feedback form was e-mailing me with submissions a few minutes later and I've since added an Auto Reply CGI script that worked first go to send e-mails back to visitors automatically.

On occasion I've had to ask strange questions of the support guys because I'm still new to all of this, and they've been prompt, accurate and more than helpful each time. I can't say I've ever noticed anytime when my pages have been unavailable due to downtime at the Server101 end and that can only be good!

My site has now been hosted by Server101 for almost a year and I'll definitely be renewing my subscription. Thanks Server101!


Melissa Harris
Marillion Designs