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Customer Feedback

I have been with Server101 over a year and their service has been of the utmost quality. Only once did my site get affected during a major storm they were having.

My site is always operable and the uploading and downloading never fails. I am now trying out their new shopping cart system and find their technicians to be extremely responsive and helpful to my needs.

Server101 has a personal touch and although we are countries apart, their helpful, friendly, professional and quick to try to satisfy my needs as a webshop owner. I trust in them and their entire crew as they have performed well over the last year growing along with me and the rest of the world to offer services necessary and provide information on demand.

I have other sites that are hosted and have been hosted through others since this was my first year and needed to test the market. I recommend Server101 as being one of the most dependable I have come across yet. Affordability, service and quality. The same concept I project in my business, they offer in theirs.

Thank you for being a great team and allowing me to be (and feel) apart of it.

Sue Roberts
Gifts and Glitz