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Hosting web sites involve a lot more than just putting a server on the web and selling space on it. I know because I bought an interest in a web server from a local software company that had their own internet access. I didn't know what would be involved when I started my web business but I knew running servers was not an easy job. You see I had run network servers for a number of years for big corporations, and I figured that if all else failed, I could go in and "fix" the server if it was close by.

Well you can guess what happened. Things did go wrong and the fixes I recommended to the software company were in conflict with the goals and mission of the other parts of their business. It was then that I realized I needed a company that was focused on providing web-hosting and web-hosting only. At some point I realized that I didn't have to be near my host server, in fact the server could be anywhere in the world! The requirements I needed were 1. Good Fast Access, 2. 99+% uptime and 3. Quick, reliable ways to change my web pages. 4. Someone to communicate with when things go wrong.

Server101 met all my requirements at prices that couldn't be beat! At these prices why should I be on call on the week-ends in case something goes wrong with the server? (instead now I spend my week-ends sitting next to this river you see on my home page http://www.jaylou.com) The Server101 guys do an excellent job of keeping the systems running and they have very fast access to the internet. After three years of reliable service I feel comfortable recommending Server101 over and over. Now many of my friends and former clients are hosting their sites here too!

Steve Stevens,